By the way, I’m moving to Bolivia.

I guess I have always been entertained by going against the norm. As a kid I never wanted a normal job, instead I wanted to be an aeronautic engineer or a pyrotechnician or an archeologist or a missionary. It’s funny how we forget things, I actually had forgotten that I ever wanted to be a missionary until the other day when my mom mentioned it. I was twelve and I wanted to be a missionary to Australia, I was going to have it all as a missionary, pyrotechnician, archaeologists, astronaut.

My favorite word I learned when I was working on my Business degree was paradigm. A paradigm is the way that things have always been done, but the reason I liked it was because we were always talking about how to break out of the paradigms. Maybe it’s my personality, but I have never been one to do things the way that they’ve always been done.

My paradigm that I had to break was my idea of what a missionary looked like. Growing up all of the missionaries that came to my church were thirty or fourty, married, and had an average of three kids. I am definitely not any of those things.

So when I went to Greece I looked at it as a missions trip, not as a opportunity to get my feet wet in a potential long term future. When I was there I worked with a thirty something married couple with three kids, yet I learned something. I learned that I can be a missionary even as a twenty-something, single female. Now I’m looking at a future that definitely includes some missions work, and maybe a career as a missionary. Who knows?

Maybe I’m a rebel, but never without a cause. Today my cause is missions and my rebellion is in not waiting until I am thirty, married, and have two kids to do it.


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