The Little Things

This weekend I was babysitting for a family at church and while I was there I took a few moments to tidy the little girl’s room since she had asked for a few minutes of down time to watch videos. While I was doing so I came across something that reminded me that this season of support raising is just as important as when I arrive on the field. What was it? A little wooden Hungarian flag that said “pray for Hungary”. You see, a few months ago I had the opportunity to share with my favorite ministry partners. Now normally it wouldn’t be okay to pick favorites because each and every Partner In Missions is important, but these ones are special. Why? Well because they are the 3-5 year olds at my home church. You see, the Girls Ministries and Rainbows have partnered with me on this Journey In Missions with a monthly financial commitment (which I think they have faithfully exceeded every month). Partnership development is challenging, it is a long process that is very tedious and frustrating at times, but the reminder that I have the opportunity to teach even one five year old the importance of partnering in missions makes it so worth it.


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